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    Footdisc® insoles are different: Neither soft nor hard, but functionally dynamic!

    FOOTDISC insoles don't absorb any shock but protect from excessive strain. Different from conventional insoles, these insoles are specially designed for sports and running shoes. Their unique design allows the sport shoe to maintain its functional capacity. They guide the foot into a better position and evenly distribute the pressure under the sole of the foot observing orthopaedic principles – reducing the risk of strain-induced injury. The dynamic mid-foot bridge can then dynamically support the foot in every phase of the sporting activity. The type of foot is furthermore decisive in selecting the correct FOOTDISC® insole.

    FOOTDISC sports insoles are selected through a patented procedure.
    Your individual sports insoles come from the combination of your own foot profile and the static leg axis

    Test it yourself:

    Test step 1: Determine your foot type

    How to do it

    1. Take off your shoes and socks.
    2. Place a bowl or a plate on the floor, pour in some water and lay a newspaper beside it.
    3. Position yourself behind the newspaper and moisten the sole of your right foot.
    4. Step on the newspaper with your right foot so that you leave an imprint.
    5. Compare your wet footprint with the illustrations before you repeat the test with the left foot.

    A: High arch - only the heel and forefoot are visible in the imprint.

    B: Normal arch - the foot is equally loaded.

    C: Fallen arch - the inner longitudinal arch is dropped, widened in the middle of the foot print.

    D: Flat foot - the inner longitudinal arch has fallen so much that the entire foot touches the ground.

    Test step 2: Static leg axis

    How to do it

    1. Stand with your legs straight and try to bring your ankles together.
    2. Do not overstretch the knee, just bend it slightly.
    3. Choose your leg axis.

    1: Bowlegs: At least two fingers fit between the knees.
    2: Straight leg axis: The knees almost touch when you bring them together.
    3: Knock-knees: At least two fingers fit between the ankles.

    Test step 3: The result

    A1, A2, B1, B2: Supination to neutral: HIGH - choose the blue - FOOTDISC insole, at best in a neutral shoe.

    A3, B3, C1, C2, D1: Neutral to over-pronation: MED - the orange - FOOTDISC insole is perfect for your foot position. Its full effect is felt in a shoe with light support on the inside.

    C3, D2, D3: Over-pronation: LOW - choose red - it protects your foot and the ankle joint against soft tissue overload. Fitted in a shoe with significant internal support, it is the perfect choice for you.

    The design on the surface of the soles may differ from the image but the function is of course the same.

    Size selection:

    Currex size / EUR / UK / US womens / US mens / CM

    XS / 34-36 / 1.5-3 / 4-5.5 / 2.5-4 / 23.0-24.0

    S / 36.5-38.5 / 3.5-6.5 / 6-7.5 / 4.5-6 / 24.5-25.5

    M / 39-41 / 5.5-7 / 8-9.5 / 6.5-8 / 26-27.5

    L / 41.5-43.5 / 7.5-9 / 10-11.5 / 8.5-10 / 28.0-29.0

    XL / 44-46 / 9.5-11 / 12-13.5 / 10.5-12 / 29.5-30.5

    XXL / 46.5-48 / 11.5-13 / 14-15.5 / 12.5-14 / 31-32
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